In My Own Words: Ferman G, from Florida

At Community for a Healthy Exchange, we have heard too many stories of unaffordable out-of-pocket costs for critical treatments and medications.

Ferman, a CHE member, has struggled with this issue under insurance he purchased from the state exchange. He decided to purchase the Silver Plan, a more expensive plan than he initially anticipated buying, so he could continue to see his regular providers to treat his hypertension. When Ferman’s doctor prescribed a blood pressure monitor for his condition, his insurance said they would cover it. However, he received a bill to pay for the entire cost of the device out of his own pocket.

State exchange enrollees have reported paying out-of-pocket for healthcare services, prescriptions, and specialist appointments. Placing the burden of cost on patients in need can inhibit access to life-saving medical care. Under the average Silver Plan, patients may have to pay up to 50 percent out-of-pocket for necessary treatments and care.

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Have you dealt with high out-of-pocket costs like Ferman? Costs that dissuade you from seeking or administering the care you need? Tell us your story!

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