In My Own Words: Tina M. from Colorado

Sparse information, non-user friendly formats, and a lack of transparency related to covered benefits and actual out-of-pocket costs are just a few of the problems that make it difficult to navigate the state exchange websites.

Community for a Healthy Exchange member Tina struggled to understand what her insurance covered when she purchased her plan through the state exchange. 

Tina needs chiropractic treatment and pain medication for a herniated disc, but her current health insurance through the Colorado state exchange doesn’t cover it.  When she tries to find answers about medication options and coverage, she can’t get in touch with a representative from the state exchange. 

Learn more about Tina and her struggle with the lack of transparency in insurance plan coverage and information through the state exchange website.

Have you had difficulty understanding what your plan covers?—did you purchase a plan, but like Tina, your insurance doesn’t cover what you need it to? Tell us!

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