Community for a Healthy Exchange

The Community for a Healthy Exchange includes patients, caregivers, health care professionals, and others who want to help improve people’s experience with the state health exchanges and ensure everyone has access to health coverage that really works for their needs.

Our goals are simple, yet important:

  • Ensuring that people who are struggling with the health exchanges or the coverage they got from them realize they are not alone. We want to let people know that others share their frustration, and there is hope to resolve their problems, individually and collectively.
  • Providing patients and their families with resources that will help them address their individual challenges and empower them to navigate the health care system more effectively.
  • Bringing patients, their families, and other concerned supporters together to share their experiences and learn from others’ experiences. We believe this is one important way in which we can raise awareness and foster a discussion about how we can enable all people to access coverage that meets their short- and long-term health care needs at a price that fits their family or individual budgets.

You can learn more about the exchanges and the challenges facing patients and caregivers here.

The Community for a Healthy Exchange is sponsored by the Caregiver Action Network (CAN). Learn more about our community and CAN here.

Join the discussion by sharing your story with us here.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We look forward to working with you!

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